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The benefits of hiring older workers

While there are benefits to hiring younger workers, older and more experienced workers — those over the age of 55 — can also help your organization. Their strengths include greater reliability, attention to detail, time management skills and the ability to take on mentoring roles. 

UK group, the Nationwide Building Society, conducted a study that found that many employees age 55 or over had not taken a sick day in the last year and often arrived early to work. In addition, older workers had the same technological proficiency as younger workers. The Daily Mail, which covered the report, stated that younger workers also see significant benefits in working alongside older employees. affirms many of these benefits. It adds that older workers are more likely to catch errors, including misspellings of client names. Moreover, they are better with time management and have more confidence, developed over years of experience. In turn, older workers are more likely to share their ideas with management. 

In addition, more experienced workers often have a better understanding of workplace politics and can serve as mentors to younger workers, which provides "intangible" benefits for your organization, Entrepreneur emphasizes. 

Finally, older workers may have a more holistic understanding of their work and its value. suggests that "they understand that working for a company can be about much more than just collecting a paycheck."

The percentage of older workers will continue to grow, as the Sloan Center on Aging & Work in Boston predicts that workers over 55 will represent 25 percent of the workforce by 2019. It is important to remember the many benefits their experience and perspective bring your organization.