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How to motivate Millennial employees

Many Generation X and Baby Boomer employers view Millennials as entitled, self-centered and needy, but the truth is that they simply may not know how to get the most out of these young adults. In an article I read on the website, contributor Laura Garnett, a talent-strategist who helps entrepreneurs and executives identify their unique talents and purpose, shares some valuable insight she recently gained about Millennials and what motivates them in the workplace. Garnett writes that ultimately, "They're looking for meaning in work." She then shares some management tactics that can help employers motivate Millennial employees who value meaning above all else:

Ask them to refine the mission of the company:

"You may already have a clear mission," writes Garnett. "But sometimes it could use some updating." By giving Millennials a say in this process, you're showing them that you value their input. Plus, they could have some great ideas.

Build teams:

Bringing people together can be a meaningful experience, so come up with some fun team-building activities in which everyone is encouraged to participate.

Focus on results:

Tell Millennial employees exactly what you expect them to accomplish, and then give them the freedom and autonomy to achieve results in their own way.

Help them leverage their talents:

As Garnett notes, "Millennials want peak experiences and this includes in their careers." Help them identify their talents and find ways for them to put these talents to good use in the workplace. By following Garnett's advice, you can motivate young employees and help them become valuable assets to your company.