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Besides experience, what factors should you consider when evaluating candidates?

When you have an open position to fill, it's often tempting to simply hire the candidate who has the most experience. After all, this person probably has more knowledge of how to craft solutions to common problems and may even have valuable industry connections.

At the same time, there can be drawbacks to bringing in someone who feels like they are an expert, as they may feel that only their way of doing things works. If this individual diminishes the contributions of other members of the team, it can quickly become detrimental to the health of the environment.

Of course, hiring someone who lacks the experience to do an effective job can also be tricky. Every member of the team needs to pull their weight. But, outside of experience, what should hiring managers be considering when they evaluate job applicants?

At Hire Initiatives, we believe that personality and attitude are key criteria in the candidate selection process. It's important to find someone who fits in your company's culture, understands their role and expected contributions and is excited about the challenge. While having the skills to perform the functions of the job is critical, even the most talented individuals will still need to work with other members of the team to be effective.

It's important to remember that some while skills can be taught and learned, others cannot. A less-experienced candidate with a great outlook may suit your needs better than a star performer whose negative attitude drags down everyone around them. Each candidate needs to be given a holistic evaluation to determine how hiring them would affect the organization's performance.