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Avoiding these five common hiring mistakes

Hiring mistakes produce many undesirable results for companies. Not only do they decrease productivity, as time and resources are needed for recruitment and training, they also negatively impact continuity, which is important to your team and business's success. In order to avoid these pitfalls, we have compiled a list of five common hiring mistakes from Business Insider. Mike Del Ponte, the co-founder of Soma, an eco-friendly water filtration system, advised prospective employers to avoid these mistakes:

Over-valuing cultural fit:

Make sure that you're are hiring the most competent person for the position, not simply the most likeable. Prior to interviewing candidates, complete a list of important criteria and assess the candidates based on these requirements. 

Rushing hiring decisions:

The majority of hiring decisions result from not vetting the candidates thoroughly enough. However, you can eager avoid this problem through enlisting the assistance of a recruiting firm, which can take the time in finding the best individuals for your company. Also, keep realistic hiring timelines.

Not hiring "experts":

While generalists can usually perform a range of job functions with some competence, "experts" are able to excel in their job responsibilities. Experts' greater level of experience ensures that they produce high-quality work consistently. 

Relying on job posts:

Another common error is only using job posts to find candidates. Partnering with a recruiting firm and leveraging your network allows you to draw from an expanded and more talented applicant pool.

Not having a clear list of the position's responsibilities:

Although some level of ambiguity is normal, successful recruiting only happens once your team has agreed on the duties and goals this person in this position will need to fulfill.