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Tips for making the best of your recruitment experience

The process of working with a recruiter may be different than what you might expect. To prepare for working with a recruiter, job seekers should get an idea of what the process entails beforehand, to help increase the chances of successfully securing a position. I recently read a Huffington Post article, which provides the reader with a number of helpful tips to prepare themselves for working with a recruiter. Based on our experience, we would have to agree.

Recruiters are not career advisors but many will go out of their way to help you:

Ultimately, a recruiter's job is to identify the best talent for their client, and to support the organization's internal hiring goals. Using a number of factors, including skill-set and desired company culture, we evaluate a candidates' qualifications, and if we think it's a match we will submit you for the position. Though we wish we could, we cannot place every candidate. That does not mean that we cannot be a resource. Whether it be through resume-writing or interviewing tips, or even suggesting alternative resources, we want to assist you in all aspects of your job search.

Recruiters are part of the bigger picture:

With this in mind, job seekers should embrace one or more recruiters as part of their overall job seeking strategy – not as an end-all solution. Professional networking, social media sites, and other job seeking channels should still be utilized to maximize individual job leads. Job seekers should recognize that recruiters can open additional doors for them and are inevitably part of the larger job market landscape.

Recruiters and job seekers need to work together:

It's all about teamwork. Job seekers should be honest about their credentials and in turn, recruiters will work hard to push their profile towards befitting opportunities. Be open and upfront about your current compensation and future expectations and recruiters will get the interviews rolling. If everything works out, the recruiter makes a placement and you get a new job – both sides win when there's mutual respect and understanding.

Recruiters do not control hiring. Although recruiters can influence whether or not you are hired, we do not control the hiring process. The recruiter is answerable to the organization doing the hiring, and the organization has the ultimate say over whether a candidate is hired.

By knowing what to expect from working with recruiters, you will be able to prepare appropriately, ensuring that the recruiting process is smooth and, most importantly, successful.