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The right questions to ask in a job interview

Typically, the last part of a job interview offers candidates the chance to ask the hiring manager questions. While this is good opportunity to demonstrate your interest in the position and gain valuable insight into the company, it is also an opportunity for you to once again impress the interviewer with your thorough approach while gaining a better understanding for how the position and culture will fit your needs.

U.S. News & World Report recently published an article focused on helping you, the candidate, keep your discussion on target. Demonstrating the initiative in asking certain questions, along with your experience and skill-set, can help you win a job offer. Below are some of the questions highlighted by the publisher.

  • "What have past employees done to be successful in this position?"  The response will help you gain insight into how the company measures achievements so that you can determine the organization or department's expectations and how your skill set matches.
  • "What is the top priority for the person in this position over the next three months?" – By asking this, candidates demonstrate significant interest in the position, as well as show initiative in planning ahead and a desire to hit the ground running – attractive traits to prospective employers.
  • "What are some challenges that will face the person filling this position?" – Again, this question shows drive and initiative. Rather than being caught off guard once you start working for the organization, this knowledge will help you be prepared and plan ahead.
  • "What have you enjoyed the most about working here?" – The answer to this question should illuminate important aspects of the company culture.This should also help you during the decision making process to determine if it's the right fit for you. What type of culture fits you? Are you interested in tuition reimbursement, work from home scenarios, casual dress environment, additional benefits?

Remember, the interview process is also an opportunity for you to learn more about how the organization, its employees and the position fit into your professional aspirations.