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How to address your weaknesses in a job interview

Everyone has weaknesses, but talking about them can be difficult — especially in a job interview. That being said, it's common for hiring managers to ask some challenging questions that force you to expand upon a wide range of professional attributes, and these could include inquiries about your weaknesses. Here's how you can handle these kinds of questions:

Be honest about your weaknesses. "The best answer to the question is when you tell a truthful answer, because it's very unlikely [you] will be hired for the thing you are most weak at doing," said career coach Penelope Trunk, as noted by Forbes. "For example, someone who is a production artist could say his weakness is finance. So what if he doesn't like finance? He is not getting hired to do it."

Focus on how you overcame a weakness. Life is all about conquering difficult situations, and hiring managers want to know that you can do this before bringing you into their company. By talking about how you turned a weakness into a strength, you have the opportunity to show the person you're talking to that you can grow and learn.

Pick a work-related weakness. Bringing your personal life into an interview is generally frowned upon, so make sure you have a professionally appropriate example to share. Think about it ahead of time so you're not caught off guard during the meeting.

An interview is one of the most important parts of the job search process, and despite what you may think: you can never to be too prepared. To make sure you're ready for every step of the process, consider working with a recruiter who not only takes the time to understand your strengths, but also your weaknesses and can help you leverage your best assets.